Monday, January 24, 2011

Question of the Day: When did Gay Marriage become THE Battle of 2011?

Within the last week, there have been calls for President Obama to talk about Gay Marriage during the State of the Union. Kerry Eleveld and Dan Savage have already addressed the issue, but I'm not sure when marriage became the GAY BATTLE of 2011.

Don't get me wrong; I want gay marriage. Hell, I want both to be tackled this year. But if I had to choose, ENDA would be my battle. In fact, I'm confused with this sudden galactic push for gay marriage. Was there a poll? Where there a study done to determine what was next? I mean if we are not together on this, how far can we go? It feels like we are being pushed by self-appointed leaders. They may think this is cute, but in a lot ways, they are not being mindful of the real issues of the real world.

For many gays; jobs, health care, benefits and legal protections are top priorities. If you surveyed a majority of the gays, I'm quite sure the numbers will be mixed or closer to ENDA-like answers. I don't think the majority of us are screaming for this as much as Kerry or Dan. We want marriage, but we also want job security, benefits and employment projections. If Kerry and Dan don't see that or recognize that, it just sends the message that they are out of touch.


Professor Locs said...

I think you are correct. Most gay people just want the same civil liberties as anyone else. Gay marriage has been used as a polarizing issue to win elections and keep people from looking at the real issues. I like your site and would like to share links. I will add you to mine.

Keep writing!

EMikeGarcia said...

Nothing gets more publicity or triggers a reaction like the issue of gay marriage, that's why they want him to mention it. No one made it the "battle of 2010" and I don't suspect that Dan was "screaming" either.

The State of the Union is nothing more than a press conference, and that gains the most press. He would gain more of his progressive base back if he talks about supporting gay marriage... Conservatives hate him irrationally anyhow so it wouldn't matter.

Also, I honestly disagree with you if you polled the gay population of the US, they would say marriage was the top priority. Not because it should be, but because it's the most popular.

Bob said...

Well, for me, it would be hard to discuss ENDA without discussing marriage equality.
Eevn with ENDA, we're still second class.

Mr. Toddy English said...

I don't want it to be discussed right now because it WILL be used in the next election, I guarantee it. I want President Obama to win a second term and in that moment bring his gay marriage plans to the forefront.

Bama Boi said...

I can never find the right words for these matters, but I agree with everyone. Economic growth is more important right now.

Jezza said...

I gotta agree with ya, Wonder.
I mean seriously - What good does being married do you if it means you're gonna lose your job?
ENDA makes it easier for closeted gays to come out. The more people who come out -the louder the voice of gays to get things done like marriage rights.

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