Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Levi Johnston is NOT ready for Prime Time

Last night of the Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Levi Johnston came on to talk running for Mayor and his life at home.

However, it was clear that he wasn't groomed for major political talk. Here's the train wreck of an interview.

He tried.
Oh here's The View's take on this


Bob said...

I'm not surprised. I always thought he was an idiot, and now he's proved it.

Allan S. said...

He should have showed his pinga in Playgirl, and go into a career in porn. I'll say this, he showed more honesty than his almost mother-in-law.

lelocolon said...

The camera effect and the infatuation with the persive beauty, or in this case “handsomeness.” Hey Ronald Regan made it to the White House why not him to Wasilla, where Grisly Bear mom can dictate his actions. The sad part about this is that it is media effect. You watch stupid for so long that they learn to govern your lives. This has nothing to do with honesty; this has to do with the rise of mediocrity in where the protagonists act with empathy while sticking the knife in your back.

Marc said...

There was a piece (didn't see it) where O'Donnell asked the same questions Katie Couric asked Mrs. Palin...and they played both tapes. Did you see that? How did it go?

Stan said...

He's the perfect Tea party candidate.

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