Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fatal Attraction 2 starring Andrew Shirvell

Chris, look out!  He may try to kill your bunny rabbit


behrmark said...

He's a very bad man.

Cubby said...

Is he gay? My gaydar goes off with him, but I know my gaydar isn't very well calibrated. What do you think?

Wonder Man said...

I think he is. He's acting like an ex or a lovesick fool

Prince Todd said...

everyone's gaydar is on point. I know a sistah when I see one.
I'm thinking they slept together and dude never called him back.
This really seems like lovesick revenge.

WilsonW said...

Yeah Cubby, even with your gaydar needing a tune-up. Virulently anti-gay usually adds up to virulent internalized homophobe.

I just hate that despite Chris' efforts to not give this guy any attention. He's managed to wrestle it up anyway. Both him and his boss have been on Anderson Cooper. Anderson was particularly peeved with him! It was great to watch.

Judy C. Adanna said...

I hope he's not gay, I don't want him to be family. He and Eddie Long need to go somewhere very far away and have their prayer circle and leave the rest of us out of it.

lelocolon said...

The homophobia trap. I say he is a sadist that loves to inflict pain on others without consent.

Bob said...

He does act like a scorned ex-lover, which he probably his head.
Sad, sick and twisted.

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