Monday, September 20, 2010

Sen. Olympia Snowe wants to Review the DADT survey results before voting

Sen. Olympia Snowe wants proof, not Lady Gaga. Today, she sent a official statement, laying down her stance of the DADT repeal.

Snowe Statement on Defense Authorization Bill

September 20, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) released the following statement regarding tomorrow’s procedural vote on the Defense authorization bill and the majority’s intention to limit the number of amendments considered:

“First and foremost, the Senate should have the ability to debate more than the three amendments the Majority Leader is allowing, especially as this bill is the largest discretionary authorization measure that Congress considers, that the bill describes the policies and programs that provide resources and direction to the nearly 2.4 million men and women of the military – active, reserve and civilians, including the courageous Americans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that two of the three amendments don’t even relate to the military. It is therefore imperative that Senate deliberations on the defense bill be conducted without limitations and in a manner that allows for the consideration of all related amendments that Senators may wish to offer.

“Moreover, as I have previously stated, given that the law implementing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy has been in place for nearly 17 years, I agree that it is overdue for a thorough review. The question is, whether we should be voting on this issue before we have the benefit of the comprehensive review that President Obama’s Secretary of Defense ordered in March, to secure the input of our men and women in uniform during this time of war – as the Joint Chiefs of Staff from all of the services have requested prior to any vote. We should all have the opportunity to review that report which is to be completed on December 1, as we reevaluate this policy and the implementation of any new changes.”

So she wants to see the results of the DADT survey. I hate to say this, but that could be the reason for a hold up in tomorrow's vote.


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Kyle Leach said...

V, I agree the vote may be delayed and we have to prepare for that. Although I would also point out to those who don't know, this is probably just a stalling tactic, one Senator Snowe uses often to get things she wants. She loves to say that she is considering ideas out of her comfort zone and needs more information to carefully consider the issue. She often says she wants to work with progressives, only to vote along party lines. I doubt she is really considering anything. I'm more interested to see what Susan Collins does.

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