Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 Things the Black Church needs to Do

It's time for the Black church to do the following actions
  1. stop telling gay people that they have a demon in them
  2. educate their members about sex and using protection
  3. be honest about HIV/AIDS in our community
  4. stop selling videos and DVDs of their silly sermons 
  5. help fight for civil rights
  6. be welcoming to LGBT people
  7. stop misusing tithes 
  8. stop building mega churches
  9. stop acting like they have the gift of prophecy 
  10. stop manipulating the people who would give their heart and soul to the church
 Actually, this can apply to all churches


lelocolon said...

I think that you have a point for addressing the black church. I like the fact that you started at home. Let the black church translate your message to others, like the latino church.

PS I borrowed one of your clips for my blog, and after posting it I forgot to give you props. I amended it.

SteveA said...

Not an unacheivable list - quite practical.

WilsonW said...

Vic, how about instead of mega-churches build mega-schools and mega day-cares free to the struggling single mothers and families that need it.

Instead of Bentleys, Mansions and Private jets provide training and higher education for those done a disservice by the public school and justice systems.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Can I get an AMEN up in here?!!! Living in the South, and working in retail, I work with a large population of black Southern Baptist women. They are so sweet and loving to my face... telling me they are "blessed", etc.... but I always wonder what they are praying and saying on Sunday morning. Betcha the tune changes just a bit....

EMikeGarcia said...

Never going to happen... Then they'll have to give up their gold rolexes, Bentleys, $5,000 suits and mansions. People have to remain ignorant so that they can be manipulated.

Sad to say, but in America the black churches will be the VERY LAST to come around.

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