Friday, October 30, 2015

What's NOM been up to Lately?

NOM has been quiet lately. Mostly, because they are going broke and there's no need for them anymore.

But they're not dead yet. They're are quietly behind the scenes. See below

Many people know that NOM plays a highly visible role in the fight from our high-profile organization of the annual March for Marriage in the nation's capitol, to helping organize and promote efforts to defend marriage champions like Kim Davis, our efforts to work with prospective presidential candidates and our leadership of state referenda and ballot measure campaigns. But you may not be aware of the quiet leadership role we play behind the scenes to nurture and develop a thriving marriage movement. Let me mention three such major initiatives:

Campaign for Houston is a campaign to reject the Houston special rights initiative and is the leading campaign to reject the special rights ordinance in Houston. NOM strongly urges you to support their efforts. The City Council has passed a notorious ordinance, pushed by the city's lesbian mayor, that gives special legal rights to people claiming to be "transgendered" — including men who claim to identify as women — the right to use the restrooms reserved for the opposite sex.

The coalition "Protect Life and Marriage OK!" includes community leaders, pastors, legislators, homemakers, employees and entrepreneurs who have united in support of Oklahoma's constitutional authority to protect natural, traditional marriage and to protect innocent, unborn children from the unjust, unlawful U.S. Supreme Court actions that have invented a constitutional right for same-sex "marriage" and that have led to the abortion of over 58 million unborn children. The coalition held a huge rally this past Sunday that gathered several thousand marriage supporters. NOM was proud to have helped promote this event.

For the first time, the World Congress of Families — a global nonprofit organization that promotes the natural family — is meeting in the United States. The Congress is the world's premier pro-family gathering and is being held this week in Salt Lake City. I am attending with others from around the world who are speaking the truth about marriage and the importance of promoting the natural family. We hope to learn from each other and broadly promote the importance of the natural family.


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