Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"I'm Not Gay No More" Clown says he Dated Former NFL Player Kordell Stewart

Drama of the day, folks!

"I'm Not Gay No More" Andrew Caldwell must be broke or desperate, because he's talking mess about guys he's dated. On a podcast called "The Shake Up" Andrew claimed that he's dated NFL players. One in particular was Kordell Stewart, former NFL player and ex-husband of Porsha from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.


TMZ Sports talked to Kordell about this rumor:
The rumors started when Caldwell went on a radio show last week and proclaimed the two were in a secret relationship ... and Stewart bought him everything from purses to expensive cars.

But Stewart tells TMZ Sports ... Caldwell is simply delusional -- "I don't know the guy. I've never heard of him.""There's no room in my personality for that lifestyle. It's not what I believe in. I'm a heterosexual man."
There has been rumors about Kordell's sexuality in the past. However, I do believe him. Andrew is a known liar and a scam artist. Andrew is also known for sleeping with older White men to get his expensive gifts. To be super real, I don't think that Andrew has been with any NFL player, I mean, with all of the men in the ATL, why get Andrew's messy ass? Nobody wants that.

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