Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Laverne Cox stars in the 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show Event

Laverne Cox will be Dr. Frank N. Furter in the 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show Event.

CBS Las Vegas reports
According to SRO Media in Las Vegas, the “Orange is the New Black” star officially signed the deal. She will play the role of transvestite scientist “Dr. Frank N. Furter” in the remake celebrating the flick’s 40th anniversary.
She beat out Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman and Channing Tatum for this role.

Now, I'm thinking about Channing Tatum in fishnet stockings.


Bob Slatten said...

Laverne can rock this, but, yeah, Channing in fishnets and a bustier would have been hot.

Allan S. said...

I will dream of Channing as Fran N. Furter! I would have liked to see Laverne as Magenta!

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