Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bearded Guys are 'more likely to cheat on their partner, steal and get into fights'

If you think bearded guys are hot (and they are)... This new study may change that a bit
Eva and Censuswide surveyed 2000 people to determine attitudes towards facial hair.

They found 47 per cent of men with facial hair had cheated on their partner, compared to 20 per cent clean-shaven men.

Additionally, it was bearded men who were more likely to be caught up in a brawl; 45 per cent had been in a fight compared to 39 per cent non-bearded men.

Finally 40 per cent of men with beards claimed to have stolen something, in comparison to the 17 per cent who admitted the crime, who don’t sport facial hair.
Hmmm, well I'll be aware now.


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Bob Slatten said...

I mean, this sounds ridiculous. I don't have a beard, but if I grow one I'm more likely to cheat and brawl? I don't think so.

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