Thursday, October 15, 2015

Philly Gay Bashers face No Jail Time

Y'all remember them, right?

They are the three cretins who attacked a gay couple back in September 2014. The woman, Kathryn Knott, was quickly called out for trying to get her father (a cop) involved to help her.

Fast forward to now, where the two guys plead guilty and Kathryn, well, she's willing to take her chances.

Here's more
Philip Williams, 25, of Warminster, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, of Warrington, were sentenced to probation and ordered to stay out of Center City after pleading guilty to simple assault and conspiracy.

A third defendant - Kathryn Knott, 25, of Southampton - has decided to take her chances with a jury.

Both Williams and Harrigan apologized to the court and the victims and said incident was not about sexual orientation. They had been charged with a more serious count of aggravated assault.

Williams' probation and ban from Center City will last five years; three years for Harrigan. They also perform 200 hours of community service at an LGBT facility.
No jail time? Interesting, to say the least.


1 comment:

Damien said...

It is so nice to know that gay people aren't considered worth **appropriate** legal recourse.

Fuck me sideways.

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