Tuesday, October 13, 2015

VH1 to host Roundtable Discussion on being Gay in Hip-Hop

VH1 will host a special on being gay in Hip Hop!

Next week (the 19th), VH1 will premier “LHH: Out in Hip Hop”. It's an hour-long roundtable discussion focusing on LGBT issues within the hip hop community.

Sexy and smart T.J. Holmes will moderate the discussion with a studio audience and a plethora of noted guests that include:
- Big Freedia- is considered the “Queen of Bounce,” which is a subgenre of hip hop music born out of New Orleans that is known for its call and response style and lightning speed booty shaking dance.
- Buttahman- is a former MTV/ BET executive and TV/ Radio personality who is currently doing stand-up in LA.
- Cakes Da Killa- is a 25-year old New Jersey rapper who is often on the shortlist of up and coming emcees.
- Chuck Creekmur- is the co-Founder and co-CEO of AllHipHop.com and a journalist.
-Clay Cane- is the Entertainment Editor at BET.com. He is also the creator and producer of the documentary “Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church.”
- D. Smith- is a transgender music producer, artist and songwriter who has worked with many artists, including Lil Wayne and Katy Perry.
- Fly Young Red- is an openly gay hip hop artist; his video “Throw That Boy P*ssy” became a viral sensation.
- Pastor Kevin Taylor- is the Pastor of “Unity Fellowship” in Newark, NJ. He is openly gay and an LGBT advocate.
- Sharon Lettman-Hicks- is the Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition. She is featured in a documentary called “The New Black,” which explores traditional church attitudes toward the LGBT community.
- SIYA- is a rapper who stars in Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip Hop.”
This could be good or a hot ass mess. I'm hoping for a happy medium.


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Mechadude2001 said...

Oh wow! I really want to see this. I guess next Monday I'll have to record it. Oh, and they had me at T.J. Holmes!

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