Saturday, November 10, 2012

So Where are these Anti-Obama Tweets Coming From?

So after President Obama was re-elected, the hate just came pouring out. From Facebook to Twitter, haters were all over the place.

But where are these hate tweets and messages coming from? Well, I got a map for you.

Time reports:
Alabama and Mississippi scored worst, with eight times more racist tweets than the national average, according to the study. Georgia, North Dakota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, West Virginia and Minnesota all ranked three to four times above the national average in terms of prevalence of racist tweets. Among those [nine] states, only Minnesota voted for Obama.
And they said we were in a post-racial America.


Bob said...

Nice to see South Carolina still playing the ignorant hate card.


Anonymous said...

You mean Texas and Arizona didn't rate higher?

And what's up with Wyoming and Montana not scored? Don't they have Internet up there?

Lucifer Arnold said...

It would be really easy for the president to send out a hit squad. All these people are probably Caucasians and doing what they do best.

ultragreen said...

The U.S. is less racist than in the past -- otherwise Obama wouldn't be in the White House. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of racists scattered about the country.

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