Monday, July 9, 2012

Jan Brewer wants the Supreme Court to Strip Health Benefits from Same-Sex Partners

Lord, has this woman learned anything?

Jan Brewer wants her ass served again from Supreme Court. This time, she wants them overturn a ruling which provides domestic-partnership to gay couples in her state.

Chris Geidner  wrote on his Tumblr page
After the 2011 decision, lawyers for the state asked the Ninth Circuit to re-hear the case en banc, or by an 11-judge panel. On April 3, the Ninth Circuit denied the request, starting the 90-day clock for the governor to file a petition for a writ of certiorari asking the Supreme Court to take the case.  
The Ninth Circuit ruling, which upheld a trial-court ruling, kept an Arizona law from going into effect that, as the appeals court held, “would have terminated eligibility for health-care benefits of state employees’ same-sex partners.”
Paula S. Bickett, the chief counsel for Civil Appeals in Arizona Attorney General’s Tom Horne (R)’s office, is the counsel of record for the Gov. Brewer. Lambda Legal is representing the plaintiff couples, who have until August 6 to submit their response to the governor’s petition.
The Supreme Court needs to look into her silly ass.


Writer said...

I hate this woman. Possibly THE worse governor I've ever heard of. (And that's saying something given Kentucky's governors!) Sadly, the people of Arizona seem to have a yen for her...which I totally don't get.

R.J. said...

Arizona must be a real 'hole to live in if they can elect someone like this to Governor.

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