Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here is the Original Concept of She-Ra

Here is the image of the original idea of She-Ra.

James Eatock from his fabulous He-Man and She-Ra blog writes:
Before the character of She-Ra had been finalized work was already underway on the series. However when it came to storyboarding the first She-Ra episode,"Into Etheria" artist Don Manuel had no character designs to refer to and subsequently had to design many of the characters himself. Even though he only designed She-Ra for this one particular storyboard image his take on the Princess of Power was truly unique, creating a scantily clad brunette!
Interesting, she looks like a warrior queen from a Heavy Metal comic strip.


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WilsonW said...

Yeah. It's definitely Heavy Metal/Conan vibe! Not very kid friendly. LOL! What a big difference!

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