Friday, July 27, 2012

Battle Royale the TV Series?

The cult classic is being looked at as a TV series.

LA Times reports
In the last few weeks, the CW has had talks with the project's Hollywood representatives about the possibility of turning the property into an English-language show, said a person with knowledge of the situation who was not authorized to speak about it publicly. The talks were preliminary, but if a deal could be reached, the network would acquire rights to Koushun Takami’s underlying novel, then unpack and expand on it for an hourlong dramatic series.

Asked about the CW talks, Joyce Jun, a Hollywood attorney representing U.S. rights to the title, would say only that "there is no deal in place." A CW spokesman confirmed only there had been some discussion but declined to comment further.
I'll give CW credit, they can do some Teen TV; but in order to keep it real it has to be done on cable. I mean, have you seen Battle Royale? I'm not sure the CW can do it justice.

Maybe Showtime or FX should go after this property.

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Writer said...

Will it be a reality show?

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