Monday, July 30, 2012

My List of Hot Olympic Athletes

I didn't watch the Olympics, but I did noticed the cuties of the game. So I thought I would share my list of the reasons why I would actually watch the Olympics.

Check out the list after the jump

Danell Leyva Gymnastics, USA

Vavrinec Hradilek- Canoe Slalom, Czech Republic

Luiz Alberto de Ara├║jo - Decathlon, Brazil

Elias Cuesta Archery, Spain

Alexandre Despatie Diver, Canada

Jordan Burroughs Wrestling, USA

Dmitriy Klokov Weightlifting, Russia

Koji Murofushi Hammer Throw, Japan

Clemente Russo Boxer Italy


BosGuy said...

I would love to have this man bring me flowers. Dear lord he is sexy.

Lucifer Arnold said...

Japanese men have sexy eyes, I didn't see Louis Smith?

Damien said...

I agree and approve of all of these choices :)

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