Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kirk Cameron has been invited to speak to LGBT Bullied Youth

Oh, Juicy Juice! Former heartthrob Kirk Cameron has been invited to have lunch with a group of bullied LGBT teenagers in New Jersey this weekend.

Kirk is going to speak at a pro-marriage event called, "Love Worth Fighting For" in Ocean Grove. While he's there trying to save marriage, Corey Bernstein, the co-chair for Garden State Equality'sYouth Caucus, has invited Kirk to have lunch with bullied LGBT youth.

In his invitation to Kirk, Corey said: 
"The problem is not just that you oppose marriage equality —a view we disagree with, but to which you are entitled in our free nation ­ — but that you did so with such disregard for how we youth would perceive your words."

“Haven’t my teen colleagues and I endured enough hurtful words at school? What kind of lesson might you, as a public figure, be giving to would-be bullies?”
So far, Kirk hasn't responded to the invitation.


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