Thursday, July 26, 2012

London is Serving Shade to Mitt Romney

Romney isn't getting to full-love treatment in London. Before he got there, he got a full plate of shade.

For example, British Prime Minister David Cameron reaffirmed his stance on Gay marriage a day before Romney landed in town.

He said:
“I think marriage is a great institution – I think it helps people to commit, it helps people to say that they’re going to care and love for another person. It helps people to put aside their selfish interests and think of the union that they’re forming. It’s something I feel passionately about and I think if it’s good enough for straight people like me, it’s good enough for everybody and that’s why we should have gay marriage and we will legislate for it.”
"My position is the same on gay marriage as it's been well, from the beginning, and that is that marriage is a relation between a man and a woman. That's the posture that I had as governor and I have that today."
But that's not all, after his foolish gaffe about the Olympic games in London (he said that maybe London wasn't prepared to host the event), London's Mayor Boris Johnson came for Romney.


This is not how you gain international friends, Mittens.

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Roger Poladopoulos said...

Absolutely not the cup of tea he expected from the Brits. His stupidity knows no national boundaries.

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