Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chris Brown disses Frank Ocean

Chris Brown continues to be a nuisance and mess. Just recently, when he was in Cannes, a reporter asked the fallen star about Frank Ocean and his coming out.

What did Chris Brown say? He responded with this: “Man, no homo!”.

If you didn't know, the phrase “no homo” basically mean to reject or denounce anything that LGBT.

According to PRLOG, there's been drama between the two before:

Brown has had run-ins with Ocean before, in 2011 the two exchange hate tweets that eventually erupted into Brown sending family members to attack Frank Ocean. Brown also has a long history of homophobia and is known for making homophobic statements in the past.
I guess Chris is mad because Frank is outselling him and getting more attention.


Harbor Lights said...

He is a hater. This is what he does best. His music much like his voice is wack as fuck and tired as shit! Just give it up you fuckin twat!

K. Clark said...

Just another reason to keep Usher on heavy rotation. And Frank Ocean too.

What's messed up is that he'll probably get some substantial support for that remark.

truthspew said...

Let's see - viciously homphobic, beats women - I wonder if there might be a little sugar in that tank.

Writer said...

Of course he did! What a waste of talent! Christ Brown, that is. I can't wait to hear Frank Ocean's CD. :)

Lucifer Arnold said...

Frank said "fuck the dumb shit,I slept with a men" Chris is just jealous and wants Frank to fuck him.

Leland said...

I look for the day when Chris loses his voice.

Bob said...


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