Sunday, July 29, 2012

I just learned what a Play Party is

This weekend, I learned what about a play party. What I thought it was... well, let's just say I was way off. I thought it was like a meet and greet.

During the convo, I asked, "What do you wear for one of these events?" I got some interesting looks. It was then, I learned that a play party was something to do with sex.

Later on, I told one of my friends about the "Oh My Moment". He couldn't believe I didn't know about play parties. I told him, I thought it was like a picnic or luncheon. Hell, I almost asked about the type of wine to bring.

Apparently, gay men should know these things about the sexual world. Me, I just know the basics x 2. I'm not that vanilla, but I didn't realized their was so much stuff. Some of my friends tell me stories that are really something else. Nothing's wrong with a little kink, but there's so much going on out there.

Parties, role play, Lycra, pissing parties, Dom and Sub... y'all, sex has become the Olympics. And I feel too old to be competing for the Gold.


truthspew said...

Thanks for giving us the definition. I hadn't been aware of what it meant either.

That's one of the hazards of being in an LTR.

Cubby said...

Thanks to this post, I just learned what it is too. I also learned was a 'munch' was.

SEAN said...

Two things. 1. you really should delete "child" from that sentence in this post - it will attract the wrong kind of reader, trust me. 2. play parties and all the other kink stuff is not gay, heteros do all that too, lots more and whty have many more doing them. Watching any episode of CSI or Law and Order: SVU will tell you that.

Jezza said...

Viktor, Viktot, Viktor.
Sex has ALWAYS been the Olympics. :D

dogspunk said...


Writer said...

So, what IS a play party?

Lucifer Arnold said...

I guess Tupperware is the thing of the past?

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