Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Quick recap of the HAAS LGBT Editors and Bloggers Convening

pic from Rod 2.0

This weekend, I attended the LGBT Editors and Bloggers Convening in Houston, TX. Over 40 well known bloggers and journalists got together to discuss hot issues in the LGBT community.  I was very honored to be a part of this event.
me, Andres from Blabbeando, Darian from lol Darian and Joe from Joe.My.God.

Let me give a rundown of the lowdown.
  • We learned that there's a huge generation gap in the GOP. The younger ones are moving away from the hate messages.
  • The Latino vote scares the GOP
  • Marriage equality is important, but there are other LGBT issues on the table.
  • In fact, marriage was like a fly buzzing around folks heads. It was annoying how many times it was brought up, but pleasing to see how folks wanted to discuss other things.
  • There are many out candidates trying to get in Congress.
  • Many gays are pleased with Obama and it was repeated several times (thank goodness)
  • We have a lot to learn about the Trans community.
  • New language addressing our community is growing.
  • The DNC has a lot work to do with the LGBT community and they are aware of that.
  • Diversity is still an issues among bloggers and journalists.
  • We need to work together as bloggers and journalists to strengthen our community.
It was a great time.


Immanuel said...

Thanks for the recap. Man I wish I had known about this conference -- I would have tried to be there.

Could you explain the GOP generation gap? What does that mean?


truthspew said...

The Republican generation gap is that the message of the party isn't resonating with younger voters that would otherwise lean toward the Republican side.

Put another way, it's a party of Hatred and the kids know it.

Bama Boi said...

Good stuff!

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