Friday, March 30, 2012

Let the Recall of Gov. Scott Walker Begin

900,000 signatures have been turned up and approved, now the recall of Gov. Scott Walker is set and ready to go.

CBS News reports:
The Government Accountability Board voted 5-0 to order the recall, a move that has been expected for weeks given the high number of signatures gathered between November and January. It took 540,208 signatures to trigger a recall.

Assuming a Democratic primary is necessary, it will be May 8. The actual recall vote then will be June 5. Three Democrats already have announced they are running and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, whom Walker defeated in 2010, has said he would announce his intentions before Tuesday.
Get ready, Walker. It's about to go down.


daij said...

This makes me happy. My mom and her church can't wait to vote him out of office. I'm personally calling everyone I know back home to ber sure they vote that day.

Stan said...

I pray he gets recalled to teach these fuckers a lesson!
Chris Christie should be next here in New Jersey.

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