Thursday, March 29, 2012

Andrew Shirvell will Never be Assistant Attorney General again

Do y'all remember Andrew Shirvell? He was the Assistant Attorney General who stalked and harassed the University of Michigan's openly gay student government president. After making a public fool of himself and his office, Andrew was fired.

Over a year later, he appealed his termination... but it was denied.
Andrew Shirvell appealed his Nov. 10, 2010, firing from the Attorney General's Office. Then-Attorney General Mike Cox said in firing him that Shirvell lied to his superiors and used state equipment to publish the blog that accused Chris Armstrong of having a "radical homosexual agenda."

"The pattern of conduct in which he engaged constituted hate speech, physical and mental harassment of citizens of this state and a nexus was established between that conduct and his position as an assistant attorney general," the report released Tuesday said. "It is disheartening to see a bright individual with a great deal of potential engage in such conduct.

"The fact that the grievant deliberately made a media spectacle of himself and the department for which he worked without regard for the interests of his employer constitutes conduct unbecoming a state employee."
Too bad, Andrew. I hear Sears is hiring.



behrmark said...

Problem is, V, Sears will do a background check AND make him pee in a cup so my guess that's not much of an option for him.

Bob said...

Proves he should have thought before he spoke.
I mean, if he has the capability of thought.

Writer said...

I feel it "disheartening" that the actual AG would think that Shirvell was a "bright individual"! You'd think a bright individual would know better than to do the things Shirvell was doing.

Or is this another Christian Right thing of using all means to persecute the heathens.

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