Saturday, March 31, 2012

Question of the Day

Do you think it was Keith Olbermann's fault for getting fired at Current TV?


Bob said...

I think neither side was satisfied and Keith had to go.

truthspew said...

Hard to say without seeing his contract.

However from what I've read, he refused to do political coverage preferring instead to take what Current called unapproved time off.

In all of this I smell a rather large, decaying rat.

Stan said...

Hard to say but getting fired from MSNBC too makes me wonder. I like Keith and will miss him.

Joy said...

Not sure, either, but there is a pattern. I like his show and will miss him but watch Rachel Maddow regularly. Wish Keith could find a niche and stay there.

Ron said...

I tried to watch Keith on his show on Current TV but couldn't get past the cheapo production values. Way too distracting. Maybe Keith should have given up some of his 50 mil contract for better sets.

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