Sunday, March 25, 2012

The 2 Gay Men Arrested on a Gay Cruise speak out - WATCH


Immanuel said...

That cruise should boycott that port. Their treatment was inexcusable.

At the very least the cruise should have warned guests that homophobia exists and act accordingly, like not being nude on your balcony.

I know gay men from Dominica and they live very closeted lives. Many don't do anything sexual until they grow up and leave.

And the news announcers are pronouncing the name of the island incorrectly.

It's do-mi-NEEK-a, not DO-men-e-ka.



I hope they'll sue the company for endangering them, and by dismissing the danger they put them through, calling it a "minor" incident...
But they should be aware that once we step outside our door, we are never really safe from prejudice and some wacko might hurt us...

Stan said...

One more reason not to go on those "GAY" cruises.

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