Saturday, March 24, 2012

DC Comics! What in the F**k did you do to Wonder Woman?

After reading Wonder Woman #7, I'm done. I have decided to stop  reading this comic.

The spirit, the history and power that was Diana is gone. In it's place, is a character written by a non-fan, taking a paycheck from a company that would f**k up an icon for nothing.

Since DC Comics revamped their entire comic family, most characters remained close to their original style, however, Wonder Woman got a remake. But not a cute one; an ugly, sour one. DC allowed this mess to ruin one of the top comic book characters of all time.

This is how they did it:
  • They gave her ANOTHER horrid costume change with a choker, pants for 2 minutes and black boots.
  • Her father is Zeus.
  • Themyscira is a wasteland.
  • Diana is a brawler. She always looking for a fight.
  • The Amazons are no longer about peace and enlightenment. They are rapists, child slavers and murderers. 
  • Diana is no longer about being good. She's just mad all the time.
She's not even the Diana we knew and love. She's Xena or Red Sonja!

 I don't know why DC continues to f**k Diana over. Instead of an amazing amazon, we get some queen of the roller derby. This is not the WW I signed up for. They can take this mess back and give me the ambassador of Themyscira, the Princess of peace... The real Wonder Woman.


Gaspatcho Jones said...

The Only real good thing about this re-boot is Batman, but they did not change him at all lol.

WilsonW said...

It seems obvious that DC didn't really define her character in any succinct way. Her characterization in her own book is very different from how she's portrayed in Justice League. The costume may be the only thing that matches.

I'll admit though that I do like how the gods are re-envisioned visually. Any time one shows up my mind starts trying to figure out who they are supposed to be. Some of them I'm still trying to make sense of.

luciferosirisarnold said...

Where is Nubia?

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