Friday, December 30, 2011

First Look: Erica Durance as Wonder Woman in 'Harry's Law'

Since David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman crashed and burned, the costume lives on in the next life... Or in David's other series.

Take a look at Erica in the costume. In 'Harry's Law', she plays a person who's losing it and thinks she WW.


Anonymous said...

& I thought that read "1st look at Erin Esurance as Wonder Woman" - oh well, back to

Anonymous said...

It still looks like one of those tacky Halloween costumes.

Judy C. Adanna said...

I always liked her on Smallville, even though that show could sometimes be unwatchable. I like the pants and wish new DC would have left them in, but the top looks like cheap plastic. Not that the rack is the only thing to look for in a WW, but at least on Durance, it doesn't look like it is painfully mashing her breasts like it did on that girl from Friday Night Lights.

luciferosirisarnold said...

I like her too.

kayman said...

She actually could pull WW off.

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