Thursday, December 29, 2011

BackFlash Video Thursday - L' Trimm

This was my favorite rap song as a kid. I still think it holds up after 20 some odd years. Here's L'Trimm with 'The Cars that go Boom'


Judy C. Adanna said...

I always thought the group name is just too dirty for two young girls.
Now that I see this all these years later, it makes me think of whipping my hair back and forth.

Allan S. said...

Back in the day I would have said those girls were swanky and thought they was "all that and a bag of chips."

I would still say it, but with a smirk and realize how young, cute and fun they were.

Prince Toddy English said...

I love this! I've never heard it until now! lol
Love the 80's!

Mechadude2001 said...

Psychic link, intact. I was planning to gather some old school songs... and I jotted this song down just yesterday.

Daij said...

i remember liking them