Saturday, April 30, 2011

Interesting Quote: Troy David Newham from Swamp Fox Press

DC comics has decided to have Superman renounce his US citizenship stating “Truth Justice and the American Way It’s not enough anymore.”

Who buys comics? Mostly Americans I reckon…

How dare they? Do you know how many people are trying to get citizenship? How many are going through pure hell in paperwork and legal costs to do this? The statements are clear that DC (and I must assume that these views are shared by Warner Brothers as well since they own DC Comics) is a fan of the “world view”/world government.

Bleep Superman. I urge a boycott of Warner Brothers, all DC franchises, and particularly Superman. They intended this to be a political statement, but it is really a slap in the face of the American identity. Show me any one country that has done more for the world than America. We have fought for more people and sacrificed more treasure than any other country in history.

Superman’s real kryptonite is lack of comic sales. Hit them where it hurts, and I bet they’ll be doing a special issue where he retakes the citizenship oaths.
Troy is upset, really upset about Supes going Global. 



Sean said...

Let's be real, this is just the beginning of the story and like all stories, until you actually read it you have no idea of where it's going, how it will get there and where it will end.

WilsonW said...

Lets take a look at the Justice League Lineup.

Superman-In truth Superman has probably never been an American citizen. He was born on another planet. For him to be an American citizen he would need to go through the same process as any other "alien".
Batman-American Citizen
Wonder Woman-Not an American Citizen.
Aquaman-Not an American Citizen. King of his own Empire.
Martian Manhunter-Not an American citizen. Very much an "alien" in the same way as Superman.
Green Lantern-American Citizen.
Flash-American Citizen.

So out of seven members of the Justice League of America, only 3 are actual born in America citizens. I'm questioning how Superman even has a legitimate American citizenship to renounce. Him and the league should be about protecting the planet, not any particular country. They should be the Justice League of Earth or Globe at the very least.

But in truth this character was created and popularized during war time and was used to promote ourselves through him and his actions. He was a propoganda piece.

In truth Superman does not work for the government. Is not a government official and acts in the best interests and safety of the planet at large. If anything exploring his interactions with other countries and lands across the planet will help him tell stories that Batman obviously can't.

It never made sense to me that Supes was limited to one city to protect. Expand his base and let him truly protect the planet.

It would be interesting to see him interact with superheroes in Africa, Asia, Scotland, and Australia. Truly be a more international hero and not stuck on Lex Luthor. They should do something like that for Wonder Woman too.

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