Thursday, April 28, 2011

Superman: Truth, Justice and __________ Way

Superman is no longer an American. To be honest, I didn't know he claimed to be. Anywho, in the milestone comic, Action 900, Kal-El renounces his US citizenship because he feels it will be better for other nations if he's global.

That's a big step for a hero that has been defined by this country. I understand Supes decision. Wonder Woman and Storm are also non-Americans. They claim their home 'countries'. But those two are different in the eyes of non-comic folk; so I wonder what impact this decision will have?

Oh, you may want to pick a couple of these comics. They are starting to sell out.

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Dale W. said...

Firstly, I'm so very impressed that Action has reached 900 issues in continual publication. That's simply stunning.
Secondly, nothing about the comic itself, the main strip or how good it was? Well, it was amazing. I've got my issues (variant covers!) and I loved every panel of the action in Action.
Lastly, the part you bring up - that has caused a bit of controversy with people like the GOP decrying it - is in a little mini strip that may or may not be canon; it could be an Elseworld, etc etc. It's only an issue if it's made to be one. Personally, I love that Superman sees the bigger picture. You go, Kal!

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