Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What will be my TV Pilot idea for Class? Part 2

So the curse of an overactive brain is the ideas just keep on coming.

I'm trying to start my TV pilot before class and when I thought I had an idea, 2 more popped up.

Last time, you guys like this idea for a show:
  • A Former Circuit boy decides to change his life by taking his Grandmother's old house and turning it into a foster home for LGBT youth.
Here are the other 2 ideas
  • Two awkward teens struggle to find their place the small southern town of Merrill City, Tenn. One is straight and the other is gay; they are the best of friends.
  • The new Assistant Dean joins a department of the most craziest and bizarre characters in Higher Education. Usually, it's the students most universities worry about; but at Mercury University, it's the administrators.
I can't shake these ideas loose. I'm actually feeling both of them. If you like, give me your feedback. Should I stick to the original pilot or try any one of these new ideas.


Cubby said...

Write about what you know. I like the university administrators idea. Any good vs. evil themes? Gay vs. straight? Bully vs. Victim?

ousslander said...

The first Idea sounds good. I would m,ake it a boarding house instead. The other way can't see it getting picked up.

I really like the third idea.

Of course the only credentials i have is being 30 year long coach. potato, good luck!

Kyle said...

V, I really like your original idea, but the second I think is more marketable and may appeal to many more people. The last is my least favorite, but it does have possibilities. Go with your gut V. You have a good heart and a good mind, let them guide you.