Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spin-Off Wishlist

I'm hearing that a 90210 spin off is in the works. But if they going to invest in that mess, here are some shows they can consider as well:

A Different World Spin-Off: the kids on the original cast are starting college at Hillman. With Dwayne-wayne as a professor and Jalesea as a Dean.

Bewitched Spin-Off: Tabitha's children are grown and dealing with their powers, while a new neighborhood of mythical creatures is on a rise. And Tabitha's brother, Adam is becoming dangerous and demonic.

Willow: Buffy's best friend solving mystical crimes in the modern world.

Good Times: Keith and Thelma gets a divorce and JJ's actor son gets in too deep in the drug crowd in Chicago. Michael comes out and Penny changes her career from a store owner to a teacher.

Facts of Life: Eastland is re-opened by one of the past students, but which one and why? Plus Jo confesses a towering secret to her family. And Blair loses everything!

Punky Brewster: Punky learns the reason why her mother abandoned her and set out to get answers. Along the way, she meets her real family and the man who changed Punky's world.

SeaQuest DSV: A new race of sea people known as, the Ardanousans are attacking several underwater colonies. the new crew led by Captain Bridger's grandson, who has an alcohol problem. Also an Ardanousan has been secretly implanted on deck.

ISIS: the super goddess finds a new vessel in a transsexual male in Cairo.

He-Man: The King is dead and now Adam's the new ruler of Eternia, along with his wife Teela. He-Man is no more. But when She-ra's is left for dead by a new evil being, Adam must step into role that he was never comfortable with. Plus a mysterious deal between Evil-Lyn and the Sorceress is revealed and Greyskull's secrets are in Horak's hands.

Queer as Folk: Everybody dies, but Michael. Now he has to start over by opening a comic book store in the Bronx.

A Small Wonder: United Robotronics has gone rogue. They have upgraded other domestic robots into assassins and murdered Brandon Brindle. Vicki and her "father" Ted is missing. Now her brother, Jamie and Harriet must find Vicki and Ted and figure out the the secret behind United Robotronics 's new mission.

Wow, that was fun. I'll probably do this again soon.

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