Friday, March 28, 2008

The Devil's eyes? Child, please...

Michael Myers from Halloween

Is he really Pure Evil or Pure Mess?
I'm not sure if Mikey is pure evil, just a screwed up kid....almost like most of the youth these days.

I've always been enthralled with Mikey. His reason to terrorize is plan and simple, there is no reason. But I don't look at him in fear as I would Jason or Thomas (Leatherface). I see him as lost soul or a kid who didn't get enough attention.

Over the years, he's become more and more ridiculous as a movie character. I'm not feeling the mindless killer thing at all. As they continue to create more Halloween movies, I wish they could give him a reason to exist. Mikey's not fun anymore and until these writers truly bring it, I'll make Easter my official holiday of horror.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Michael. Well, the way I see it, they went wrong when they gave Michael a motivation--killing Laurie Strode and anyone related to her. In the first movie, he didn't have a motivation at all, and I think that added to the feeling that "you could be next," rather than "I'm glad I'm not related to Laurie Strode." -chriskl99

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