Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dumb Songs

So I remember the 80's and I remember the music. Cheese to the max, but still innovative and fun. But now, songs are WHACK...for example

Flo Rida? Who produced him and why? Low should be banned for how bad it is. The lyrics are nothing and the beat is cheap!

Madonna: 4 minutes to save the world? How about 4 seconds to stop the madness. This mess with Justin Suckerlake is not her best and should have be left at home. And the fact she debuting the song on a Sunsilk commercial is just driving the nail in the coffin.

And Britney...I can't even begin. I'm one of few gay men who don't love Britney. So I'm just going to stop now. But the scary thing is, people like this the sh**load. But why do we like bad music, when there's a lot of good music out there?
Are we that lazy that we don't want to hear the lyrics? Or do we just like crap?

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