Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I want my Black TV!!

So I realized this just the other day. After my favorite show, Girlfriends was removed from TV, there was only a handful of Black TV shows on the air. And I really mean a handful. I think there are about 4 or 5 out there. I know the numbers were always low, but this really bothers me. I think about the time I was growing up. My tube was beset by Cliff & Clare, Whitley & Hillman College, Benson, George and Louise, 227, Living Single, even Homeboys from Outer Space. At that time, I was able to see us in a myriad of roles that were funny and interesting, but it sent a message that we could do anything and be anything.

But these days, I’m not seeing the same messages. From the limited amount exposure we get, I’m reminded that:

1. Black women main two goals in life is to drop it like’s hot and meet Flavor Flav

2. Black men will only be rappers, criminals, or straight-out-of-high school sports stars

3. We don’t have exciting lives unless we’re on Cheaters or Cops

4. We are always in some sense of trouble from the man

Now, I have noticed that black characters are showing up in different shows and in interesting and positive roles. However we are not headlining many TV series. I would love to see more TV shows with a Black people as the main character or more Black-led casts. I think our younger folk need to see those images. Also it’s good for the rest of the nation to Black people beyond Flavor Flav and BET Live.

Girlfriends was a show that showcased the diversity of Black women. And for 8 years, it provided great perspectives in our culture as well as women in general. (you can tell I loved that show) We need more shows that display the diversity of our people. In some ways, I think it can hit a symptom within our racial & ignorance disease.

And speaking of BET… you can do more, you can do better. I will write all about my “love” for BET later.

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