Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Gays where are you?

Do we have gay black people on the scene? I mean, we are almost invisible as well as dead. With AIDS running through our community and religion still scaring us "straight", what else do we got?

And the media isn't working in our favor. The black gay show Noah' Arc, is gone and a show about the Down Low is still on the air (I thought we moved on from that). The Thug culture is our only form of sexual expression on any type erotic outlet. And if there's any TV shows with gay characters, we are not featured.There are a few gay black music artists out and touring, but the mainstreamers won't even fathom the fact of coming out.

We need our leaders to be visible as well as active. We need to see more black gay characters on TV, film, books, comics...

Churches need to be supportive instead of hateful and judgemental.

And please let the Down Low thing go...if you're doing a guy, you like guys. There's nothing "Down Low" about it.

Basically, I want to see us with a show like De'quan and Grace. Is that too much to ask?

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