Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are we invisble? Those of us who are in the middle

Gay black men have given two roles: thug and queen.

And for some reason, we have gladly accepted them. But are there any other roles we can play?

The queen part is something I do understand. Due to many of us being raised by women, but the thug role…I don’t get it. I dislike that fact that there’s a desire for the homo thug by black men as well as white. The word “thug” hold so much power and yet, negativity.

Noah’s Arc gave gay black men a face, a voice, and a story…maybe not the best story, but a story. Still, there were options. In college, my friends and I were in the middle. Several of them were art majors, political science majors, club presidents, play writers, and student leaders. We didn’t fall into a specific category, nor follow traditional black male roles. We stood out and challenged the norm. And that’s what I would like our brothers to do. Defy the stereotypical gay roles we’ve been placed in and look for something new.

Also in thinking about the thug mentality, ask yourself: Do I want to be somebody, or act like a nobody. The last time I checked, a thug was at the bottom of a caste system.

So I guess I will be a king (or queen) any day

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