Saturday, March 22, 2008

Church and Politics must!

Should religion play such a powerful role in our politics? My answer is no, but I am always floored by people who needs a Prez that believes in some mythical being.

The last time I checked, being religious wasn't a qualification to be a political leader. But still our candidates fall for it every time. Look at how Obama has to publicly discuss his current beliefs, and his name, which marks him as Muslim or even a "terrorist". And McCain' s recent jump from an Episcopalian to Baptist.

Was it something he needed to do? Or was it a plan to gather more Christian soldiers? And that's another issue, why are they courting one of the most lost, hate-spreading, backward-thinking groups in religion?

Do we need to know their religious backgrounds? Does it really matter if a candidate believes in God, Zeus, or Mary Poppins? When we jump on a plane, or buy a car, do we care if the pilot or the car salesman believes in God?

So please check out all the articles on Obama's "best friend" Rev. Wright or McCain's f**k buddy, Rev. Hagee, which we should be very concerned about. I'm sure you will get a kick out of it...maybe the Holy Ghost.

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