Thursday, March 27, 2008

David from the Lost Boys

When I was 13, this was the man, the dream, the all of my world. For the first time, my notion of the knight in shining armor motif was dead. The bad boy became my thing.

Kiefer played this guy to a T. I was so love with this character. David was a kind of guy I never seen before in Union City, Tennessee (my hometown). He was the ultimate man. Someone that oozed excitement and sexual freedom.

When I saw Kiefer/David, I immediately fell for him. I thought about him every second and when I saw the movie; I was hooked!! I think it was clear that I liked boys. I also had the Lost Boys book and read it about 4 times. I even wrote my own Lost Boys story where David comes to Union City and coax me to runaway with him. But we had to deal with Star.

God, I hated her...she had my man and she was a vampire. So I had to stake her.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! you so stole my man!! LOL i love Kiefer! He is so CUTE!!!
I so agree though, Star has to go!!

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