Monday, March 24, 2008

Men can be stupid

Think men are in need of spiritual counseling or a hug these days. Gay and straight men alike are just going crazy!! Their need to feel...I don't know, accepted, attractive, or something, has created interesting reactions. I know this isn’t a new thing, but I’m just amazed with the gall of some of men have right now.

Here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • Paying girls and boys for sex, while they are in high powered roles
  • Demanding a girl or boy to be hot, thin, or fit when they are nowhere near the desired mate
  • Walking around Santa Monica Blvd (L.A.) with their shirts off, just to show others their “hard work”
  • I was watching the Millionaire Matchmaker and was stun with this one guy who’s a part of the Dolce group here in LA. He wasn’t all that, but he wanted all that. And he wanted the worst female stereotype (blonde, boobs, and young). The other thing about him was his age. He’s 33 and he wanted a girl that was in the age range of 18-22. Really?
  • Thinking that a younger person would make them feel younger
  • Continuously forcing their wives to stand next to them when they cheat, lie, and steal. As if their wives were as guilty as their poo-putt husbands
  • Working out their chest more than their legs
  • Wearing AXE cologne or anything else from them
  • Sleeping with men, but claim to be straight
  • Not taking care of their kids
  • Wanting to players
  • Wanting drunken sex and having drunken sex
  • Pushing the horrible female stereotype
  • Pushing the horrible gay male stereotype
  • Buying big cars and other items to impress others

I’m sure there’s more, but I wanted to get the point across. Hopefully men will stop being lazy, vain, and down right ridiculous and just be men. But wait, well…a new type of men.

but I don't know about that either. So I guess we just have to wait of the Vulcans to come…sigh.

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