Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I wonder...

If witchcraft was real, would more people actually practice it?

There are two types of people in our nation: smart and dumb. Where do you fall into?

Notice how Hillary C. only used her "FEAR" ads in Ohio and Texas?

Was Judas a part of a bigger plan?

Why do gay men spend so much time on M4M, Adam4Adam,, but don't take the same amount of time to really meet someone?

Is Bill Cosby right?

Is Hip Hop considered dead after "artists" like Flo Rida and Soulja Boy hit the scene?

And who really likes T-Pain?

Do Twinks realize that they all look alike?

And who inspires to be a Twink anyway?

Who is still on the down low?

Why does every Gay ad tends to be hyper-sexual?

If you are rich, do you have to live a rich lifestyle?

Is Madonna really all that?

Who are the readers of MAXIM magazine?

If we start dating guys that makes us laugh, would there be more functional gay relationships?

When will L.A. people wake up and join the real world?

What would the state of America be, if Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive (for a idea, check out The Boondocks)

Of all the lies we've been told as kids, which one do you still hold on to?

Are frat boys the most insecure males ever?

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