Sunday, March 23, 2008

18 things about Viktor

As I continue to get used to blogging, I thought it would be fun if I share some things about me.

1. I love Patti LaBelle.
2. I've been watching a soap opera for 20 years.
3. I wanted to be Wonder Woman as a child.
4. I've flunk out of college, but wrote an appeal and got back in.
5. I gave my first ******* at age 14.
6. I talk to myself.
7. I tend to have crushes on guys named David, Tim, Bill.
8. I cried a lot as a teenager
9. I followed a crush to college.
10. I like real looking guys.
11. I am a closeted geek.
12. I'm a former popular/weird kid
13. I wanted to be a witch as a kid.
14. I've been in love once.
15. I struggle with my weight
16. I'm stubborn as hell.
17. I'm gay...and BLACK!
18. I wrote a book.

So that's me, but I feel that was a short list. Maybe I will list more stuff later.

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