Friday, December 18, 2015

The Democratic National Committee has suspended Bernie Sanders’ campaign

Uh Oh! I guess Bernie is getting the Burn!

The Democratic National Committee has suspended Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The reason stems from someone on his team accessing Hillary Clinton’s internal voter data. Because of that, the DNC had no choice but to halt Sanders’ campaign six weeks before the first caucuses and primaries. n other words, this can hurt his chances.

NYT reports

The decision by the party committee is a blow to Mr. Sanders’ campaign as he prepares for a debate against Mrs. Clinton Saturday night. The database includes information from voters across the nation and is used by campaigns to set strategy, especially in the early voting states.

The breach occurred after a software problem at the technology company NGP VAN, which lets campaigns gain access to the voter data. The problem inadvertently made proprietary voter data of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign visible to others through a bug in code that was released on Wednesday by the company.

Stu Trevelyan, the chief executive officer of NGP VAN, stressed that users of the database from the Sanders campaign were able to search by and view, but not export or save or act on, “some attributes” that came from the Clinton campaign.

He stressed that by Friday morning he was confident that no other campaigns have had “access to or have retained any voter file data of any other clients; with one possible exception, one of the presidential campaigns.”

The Sanders campaign has fired that staff member who collected Clinton’s data.

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Bern Notice said...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is acting more like Idi Amin. She seems to think the DNC is her own private fiefdom over which she can rule as she sees fit. It's time for the Democratic party to get a democratic leader.

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