Thursday, December 10, 2015

Justice Scalia Thinks Black Folks Belong at "Slower" Colleges

During a ridiculous Supreme Court case over Affirmative Action, Justice Antonin Scalia suggested that we (Black folks) belong at less rigorous schools than white students.

This case is all about Abigail Fisher. She applied to University of Texas back in 2008 and didn't get in. She blamed Affirmative Action, but the truth was she didn't have the grades or the test scores to get in.

Okay, back to Scalia's evil ass. In court, he said:
Really, Scalia?


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Bob Slatten said...

Some black students do belong at lesser schools ... and so do some white kids and some Asian kids and some Euro kids; your race or ethnicity doesn't dictate your education, your level of education dictates your education.

Scalia has once again jumped the shark.

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