Friday, December 11, 2015

American Nazi Party Chairman thinks Trump’s Muslim Ban is Unrealistic

This Trump parade just keeps getting messy by the minute. The American Nazi Party has issued a statement about Trump's anti-Muslim platform... They think it's crap.

Interesting part of the article for me was this:

Rocky Suhayda, who runs the American Nazi Party said he didn’t see how Trump would be able to implement any of his plans, saying he would be blocked after every turn.
“Look, this phrase ‘muslims’ is simply a PC code word to cover the reality of all these THIRD WORLD peoples invading OUR country,” Suhayda told BuzzFeed News in an email. “Don’t you realize that in about 2025, if these trends continue, White people will become a continuing MINORITY in our own land(s)?” 
Suhayda, who often rotates between all caps and putting things in quotes, continued about how he thought soon there would be no more white European culture in America.
“If they sprinkled ‘holy water; on themselves and suddenly began praying to another Middle Eastern supernatural entity, would that suddenly make them all ‘ok?’ The systemites are determined to make ALL White homelands obsolete. Soon there will be no more White/European culture and peoples,” he continued. “Oh, there will be ALL non-White lands and peoples, be the brown, black or yellow - but, good bye White folks - except in the revised history books, where Whites will be denigrated as everything evil, by the new rulers…” 
He then got to the point, Trump’s plan would never happen.
“Unless Trump plans on ruling by Presidential Decree, I don’t see how he would implement ANY of his ‘plans,’ the rest of the sold out ‘mainstream’ political whores would block his every move,” he said.
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