Monday, December 7, 2015

So what's going on with me

Hi everyone, just giving you a quick update on what's been going on my crazy life. Some of you know I left my job at USC over year ago. I start working at a property management company where I dealt in customer service. I hated it! I hated dealing with entitled adults. I mean, I don't mind young entitled kids but adults? No ma'am!

So, after a year of dealing with leases, clueless rich folks and watching countless hours of Netflix, I found a new job. I am an Assistant Director of Admissions and Orientation. I still get to live in LA and I'm making a lot MORE money now.

I actually start today, so I'm excited.

I haven't given up on writing, but I do need a strong day job to handle business. I've been rewriting and preparing scripts to go out. My graphic novel is almost done and I've worked on another script with friends. In all, I'm very fortunate right now.
Okay, enough of my rambling. I just want update y'all on what's happening with me.


Bob Slatten said...

Congrats on the new job, and that it let's you keep writing because that's an important outlet!

Alan Scott said...

Congratulations, Viktor! Good luck with the new job!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

congratulations on the new, better job!

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