Thursday, December 17, 2015

Facebook reveals Changes to Real Name Policy

Facebook has finally changed their Real Name policy.

If you remember, the changes back in late 2014 made things difficult for LGBTQ users. Many folks threaten to leave FB, but after several meetings and discussions, Facebook released the new policy:

We’re firmly committed to this policy, and it is not changing. However, after hearing feedback from our community, we recognize that it’s also important that this policy works for everyone, especially for communities who are marginalized or face discrimination. That’s why we’re continuing to make improvements in this area.

Today, we will begin to test new tools that address two key goals. First, we want to reduce the number of people who are asked to verify their name on Facebook when they are already using the name people know them by. Second, we want to make it easier for people to confirm their name if necessary. These tools have been built based on many conversations with community leaders and safety organizations around the world.

A new version of names reporting that requires people to provide context
We are introducing a new version of the names reporting process that requires people to provide additional information about why they are reporting a name. In the past, people were able to simply report a “fake name” but now they will be required to go through several new steps that provide us more specifics about the report. This additional context will help our review teams better understand why someone is reporting a name, giving them more information about a specific situation.
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