Thursday, December 31, 2015

Queer Film Blog has a Massage for Privileged Gays in the World

The queer film blog /Bent is ending it's run on the internets. But before they go, they have some constructive criticism to the privileged gays of the world going into 2016 and beyond. This list is amazing and I want y'all to check it out:
1. Mind your Instagram. Sure, all those pics of you with your shirt off in the mirror might get 10x the likes of anything else you post, but they probably also help nourish the body dysmorphia complexes of half your followers. Before you post anything on the 'gram (or anywhere else for that matter), ask yourself: Who is this post serving? If the only answer is you and your need for attention, don't press publish.

2. Delete all the dating apps. You don't need them, they are wasting your and other people's time, and they are making you and/or others feel shitty and desperate. Re-add them when you travel, though, cause everyone needs a tour guide.

3. Go to a fucking gay bar. They need you to exist, and a lot of the great ones died this year. Imagine a world without gay bars? Things are boring enough as it is.

4. #stopusingstupidfuckinghashtags. Which is almost all hashtags, but especially #gaybrunch.

5. Spend some time with LGBT people that don't look/act like you. Can we seriously put an end to the insane amount of racism, ageism, transphobia, fatphobia and internalized homophobia in the gay "community"? It's disgusting. And even if you thankfully already do this -- get rid of the assholes in your life who are incapable of it.

6. Fuck outside the box. Because you probably don't actually have "a type."

7. Spend some time offline. That means no phone, too. Like for at least an hour or two a day.

8. Read more. Like when you're having those offline hours (and yes, we mean books and here's a good start)

9. Support good LGBT artists, films, TV shows, music, plays, books, performances, festivals. But don't just support them because they are LGBT.

10. Find some self-awareness. The lack of it in the air right now -- probably in part because of the internet and social media -- is an epidemic. Face yourself, know yourself, and stop making everything about yourself.

That's all. And thanks for reading!

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