Monday, December 28, 2015

James Franco's New Book of Poems: Straight James / Gay James is out

James loves flirting with his sexuality, I'm shamefully here for it.

His new book is called Straight James / Gay James. I guess it explores James' views on life, sex and love.

Here's Amazon's description:
Straight James / Gay James actor James Franco's new chapbook of poems, explores the facets of his public and private personas. Straight James / Gay James is a poetic bildungsroman--raw, candid, and uninhibited. James Franco writes about life as an actor, sexuality, questions of identity, gender, family, Gucci, Lana Del Rey, James Dean, and Hollywood. His poetic style varies from the imagistic to the prosaic. The chapbook also contains an interview of "Gay James" conducted by "Straight James." Yes, Straight James asks the question: Let's get substantial: are you gay or what?

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