Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mass Shooting in San Bernardino... What we Know

I am sure you've heard about the mass shooting happening in San Bernardino.

We know that 14 people are dead and 17 or wounded there were three active shooters were a part of this. This took place at the inland regional center which serves people with disabilities in the San Bernardino. There were three shooters as mentioned before.

Two of the shooters are dead. One of the shooters was Syed Farook, the other was a woman. He is an American which sadly some people were hoping that he wasn't and he was a part of ISIS. The other person may be his brother. There were a pipe bomb involved, but we are not clear how many. We do know there were assault rifles and two pistols.

We don't know the motive and we don't know if it was terrorism or anything. The story is forthcoming.

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